Friday Dinner at Mimi's


Looking at Tony Bowers back with red scarf. To the left is Chad, his son. Left of Chad is Mrs. Davenport.  Other side of table from the left is Mrs. Hallinean, Bill Hallinean and in the Kentucky shirt, John Davenport. Tony, Bill and John served in A Troop Scout Platoon 67-68. 

From this table side to the left is Jim Smith, Jim Sapp, Jim Basta, Bob Wise, Mike Lill and Frank Archer. Smith and Sapp were A Troop Scouts, 67-68. Basta was in HHT and A Troop Guns, 67-68. Bob Wise was HHT and A Troop, 67-68. Mike Lill was the crew chief for the Squadron Commander's bird, 67-68. Frank Archer was in HHT and B Trp 67-68. 

From the left is Jim Cully, Mrs. Rayl, Ken Culwell, and Charlie Rayl.  Cully and Rayl were A Troop Scouts 67-68. Ken was in C Troop 71-72. 

From the left is Len Litscher, Mrs. Litscher, Mrs. Groover and James Groover. Len and James were in A Troop Lift Section 67-68. 

Roger and Mrs. Runyon. Roger was in A Troop 70-71. He is a Radcliff police officer. 

From the left is Vernon and Mrs. Billie Rose, Mr. and Mrs. Young and their son. Vernon was A Troop Rifle Platoon Sergeant 67-68. They designed and printed the certificates that were presented to the attendees and they also prepared Saturday's dinner. These four worked hard to make this reunion a success. 

From left is Dewey Taylor, Dan Dantzler, Ron Sellew and Mrs. Sellew. Dewey was in A Troop 71-72. Dan was in B and A Troop 67-68. Ron was A Troop commo chief 67-68. Ron has a great memory and some great stories. 

Rick and Mrs. McClintock. Rick was in A Troop guns 67-68. 

Tony and Mrs. Sharon Holmes. Tony was in B Troop 67-68. 

From left is George Shaw and Rich Hefferman. George was in A Troop Guns 67-68 and Rich was in B Troop Scouts 68-Medevac. 

Lee LeRoy) and Mrs. Nelson. Lee was in A Troop Lift Section 67-68. 

Jim and Mrs. Fair Jackson. Jim was in A Troop guns and Maint 67-68. 

From left, Mike Carden and Jack Conroe were in HHT 67-68. Mike was the Squardon Command Sergeant Major and Jack was the Squadron S3 Sergeant Major. 

Left to right around the table is Mrs. Barbara (Bright) Dunaway, Mrs. Rosemary Bright, grandsons Bright, Mike Bright, Ernie Lamb, Bob Young and Tony Bright. One grandson is hidden behind Mrs. Bight. Billy Bright, who died in 1983, was A Troop Scout Platoon Sergeant 67-68. Barbara is his daughter, Mrs. Bright his wife,  grandsons of Billy, Mike and Tony are Billy's sons. Ernie and Bob were A Troop Scouts 67-68. 

Surprise cake from the Brights to help celebrate our reunion.  The eatable photo icing is of the A Troop Scout Platoon at Fort Knox in 1967. 

Gallop To Squadron Headquarters

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