Reunion 1999

Conference Rooms - Gold Vault Inn

Our Welcome Sign at the Gold Vault Inn.

We are at the top in Radcliff

Our "Ruthless Rider" banner hanging in the entrance lobby of the Inn.

Mike Law shipped his banner overnight FedEx for our reunion.

Mike was unable to attend at the last moment. 

Thanks Mike.

The Inn provided us with two large conference rooms, each with a kitchen.

The guys spread out their photo albums and souvenirs from Vietnam.

The war stories have started and some have not unpack their bags or checked into their rooms.

The crowd is growing.

The stories and memories are getting deeper.

These guys haven't seen each other in 30+ years.

Everybody is glad to see each other.

This is the first time many have talked about what happened 30+ years ago.

It was a grand time. 

Gene Ori (right), "Yea man, it happened this way."

"I don't remember that!" replies Lee (LeRoy) Nelson (left).

 These two statements were heard from everybody everyday.

We all have "CRS".

Billie Rose (bottom), Vernon's wife, had our snacks ready for our "early bird reception". 

Thanks, Billie. 

One conference room had more tables and chairs. 

After awhile, the long winded talkers sat to continue with catching up.

Billie Rose is keeping the food coming.

Left to right, Lee Nelson, Len Litscher, Rich Hefferman (hidden), Ernie Lamb and Gene Ori are into a great memory. In the background, near the wall, Vernon Rose is bending Bob Young and Ron Sellew ears.  Ron was A Troop commo sgt and must have a photographic memory! He told some good stuff. 

Carole Litscher (left) has a good chat with Lee Nelson's wife at the table.

In the kitchen, Billie Rose (left), Vernon's daughter (center) and Ron Sellew's wife (right)gets some more food out.

The wives organized themselves and were out and gone most of the time. 

Vernon Rose had the boys over to his basement.

On the wall are some of the several honors he received in recognition of his volunteer work over the last 30 years.

 Left to right, Ron Sellew, Vernon Rose, Ernie Lamb, Len Litscher, Jim Smith, Lee Nelson. Way to go, Vernon, we are proud of the help you gave to our veterans over the years. Thanks! 

Only A Troop guidon appeared at the reunion.

Charlie Rayl provided the A Troop Guidon flag and Jim Smith donated the wood shaft.

Thanks guys, it looked good.

 I sure hope HHT, B, C & D guidons appear in 2000. <]:o)+ 

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