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Chapter 2: Unit Background

Chapter 3: Command and Control

Chapter 4: Unit Operations

Nov - Dec 1967

Jan - Feb 1968

Mar - Apr 1968

May - Jul 1968

Aug - Dec 1968

Chapter 5: Equipment and Installations

Chapter  6: Reflections

Map, Area of Operations


Selected personnel from Troop A participated in combat operations with the 1st Squadron, 9th Cavalry, 1st Cavalry Division at Chu Lai during the first week of November 1967, as part of the troop's in-country orientation. After returning from Chu Lai, most personnel participated in operations with Troop D, 1st Squadron, 10th Cavalry as a continuation of in-country training.

The first mission received by the troop was on 27 November 1967, to support TF 22 from the Oasis. The troop operated in the AO for a two day period without significant activities or results. On 29 November the troop received the mission to support 2nd Brigade, 4th Infantry Division at Ban Bleck. Only significant activities were cordon and search missions conducted with the assistance of an armed propaganda team (Boi Chans) from Ban Me Thout. On 3 December at Buon Ya Soup results included 13 Chieu Hoi's and two families relocated to Ban Me Thout. Two detainees and one VC propaganda chief were evacuated to Camp Enari.

On 4 December a cordon and search at a village resulted in seven Chieu Hoi's and a village chief and friendly being evacuated for their own safety. Five of the Chieu Hoi's were identified on the 4th Infantry Division Military Intelligence's "black list". On the 8th and 9th of December a VC base camp was located. A total of thirty people were evacuated to Ban Bleck for military intelligence questioning. It was found that VC used the village to procure food and disseminate propaganda. During the period of the 10th thru 14th of December, Troop A conducted reconnaissance in various AO's in support of the 2nd Brigade, 4th Infantry Division. Significant activities included the insertion of the Aero Rifle Platoon with Troop B's ARP and D Troop into the Chu Phong Mountains to sweep to the north and northwest. The lack of contact indicated the VC and NVA were not occupying the mountains in any great numbers as believed. The capture of two VC males indicated movement from west to east through the valley north of Chu Phong. The capture of documents indicated the presence of the 200th Artillery Battalion west of Pleiku City.

Results of the entire operation included four NVA killed in action, capture of 1500 pounds of rice, and capture of a packet of documents. On 17 December 1967, the Aero Rifle Platoon was inserted to check out a fortified area and bunker complex. One NVA was taken under fire and killed in the vicinity of ZA069545.

On 18 December 1967, Troop A took two NVA under fire and killed both. During the period of 18 December thru 23 December the troop conducted reconnaissance in the Dak To area in support of the 1st Brigade, 4th Infantry Division. On 20 December the ARP was inserted in the suspected rocket positions, which fired on Ben Het Special Forces Camp at 0200 hours, on 20 December. Expended Chicom 75mm recoilless rifle shells were retrieved from the area the same day. Troop A located three antennas at the sight of heavy Snoopy readings. Air strikes were conducted and destroyed the antennas. Some new foxholes, bunkers, and L-shaped trenches were found, however no other significant results were noted.

On 21 December Troop A inserted the ARP at 099300 and sit up blocking positions to investigate 10 persons moving down a read. The ARP searched and found two hand grenades. The detainees were evacuated to Dak To. During the period of 24 thru 26 December Troop A conducted reconnaissance approximately 15 kilometers east of base camp in VC Valley. On 26 December Troop A captured 3000 pounds of rice, 50 pounds of medical supplies, 200 rounds 7.62 ammunition, 500 pounds of miscellaneous gear, and detained one person. CS was used to deny the enemy further use of a cave area.

During the period of 27 December thru 31 December the troop operated in support of Task Force Powerhouse, 173rd Airborne Brigade. A detailed visual reconnaissance coupled with the insertions of the ARP in the Da Godral Plantation area produced 6 NVA killed, 4000 pounds of rice, 2 weapons, six B-40 rockets, seven anti tank mines, and 2700 rounds of small arms ammo. From the two hundred documents captured, with identification including the NVA 95-B Regiment, 280 Recon and an OPLAN for December and January in the Pleiku area.

The troop suffered no WIA or KIA in operations in 1967.