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Chapter 2: Unit Background

Chapter 3: Command and Control

Chapter 4: Unit Operations

Nov - Dec 1967

Jan - Feb 1968

Mar - Apr 1968

May - Jul 1968

Aug - Dec 1968

Chapter 5: Equipment and Installations

Chapter  6: Reflections

Map, Area of Operations



Due to technical difficulties, photographs of the aircraft were not available for release. TO&E for the troop is 10 OH-6A, 9 AH-1G, and 8 UH-1H.

The OH-6A "Cayuse" is utilized as a scout aircraft. It is employed in a team of two, with each aircraft carrying a 7.62 minigun with 2100 rounds. Besides the pilot, an aerial observer flies in the aircraft. The aircraft has proved to be successful in its role of finding the enemy.

The AH-1G "Cobra" is employed in a team of two and flies at altitude covering the scout team, carrying a combination of 2.75 inch rockets, 7.62mm minigun and 40mm grenades. The AH-1G has been used successfully by the troop in its role of destroying enemy fortifications and personnel.

The UH-1H "Huey" is utilized for transportation of the Aero Rifle Platoon, medevac and resupply missions. With the mobility of the Huey, the ARP has been able to surprise the enemy on many occasions.

With all three types of aircraft, the cavalry has proven itself in combat to be a most effective weapon..


Located at Camp Enari, A Troop lives in permanent type buildings and has its own mess hall. An aircraft maintenance hanger is now under construction and should be finished early in 1969. A Troop’s project under way at this time is the building of a steam bath and more showers in the troop area.

During the time the troop was working at Ban Me Thout, everyone lived in tents. The area was soon named Camp Bleakness and a sign was erected attesting to the fact. The showers at Camp Bleakness were non existent; however the adjoining Special Forces camp had ice cold showers which the troop used. An outdoor theater was built from two boards and a sheet so the troop was able to have movies each night. Two other activities in which the troop was able to participate were washing their own clothes in old ammunition cans and falling down in the ever present mud. Such were the things which made Camp Bleakness famous throughout the squadron.