The Streets Of A Troop

December 1967. A Troop First Sergeant Mercer (Left) and Scout Platoon Sergeant Billy Bright (Right) on the Troop street discussing the KP roster. They are standing near troop operations. The First Sergeant's Jeep and driver waiting for the outcome. You know who won, right? They think Ernie went to the Bob Hope Show! (Bob Young Photo)

December 1967. The mess hall at Christmas. Lieutenant Eversman on the left side of the near table. Platoon Sergeant Bright is at the far end with his back to the camera. (Bob Young Photo)

December 1967. The street corner of desire! The sign is A Troop 7/17 Cav. To the left and up the street is where the troops live and sleep. A Troop Orderly Room is at the left edge of the photo. To the right of the sign is the shower with a JP4 water heater. Troop operations is on the over side of the showers. If you are early you get a hot shower, otherwise it is cold, very cold. The guard tower marks the perimeter of Camp Enari. (Bob Young Photo)

December 1967. A Troop Orderly Room (Tent) where the Commander, Major Carver, First Sergeant Mercer and the clerks work. The bulletin board is to the left. We never could remember the day of the week. The First Sergeant made a "Today is Sunday" sign so you knew when it was Sunday. The mailbox is the white and red box on the white pole to the left of the door. Do you remember the purpose for the tubes in the small shed with the sloping roof? It is located behind the bulletin board. Note the large drainage ditches and wood walkways. When it rained, it was a monsoon. (Bob Young Photo)

December 1967. This is officer country still in tents. The wood and metal top billets are on the way. Major Carver is in the last building on the end with the silver tin roof. The small building is the shower with a home made JP4 water heater on the roof. The garbage can with the water heater must be for shaving. The "solar powered" clothes lines are strung between the poles. (Bob Young Photo)

December 1967. Specialist Rose, Major Carver's drive, at squadron headquarters waiting for the commander. Our brand new buildings with the wood sides and metal top are much better than the tents. (Bob Young Photo)


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