A Troop Infantry 1968

1968.  This photo of Sergeant First Class "Mac" McCormack is my favorite.  The three-tour Platoon Sergeant is giving a "Listen-Up" to his young charges, the infantry "Blues". From left to right are Sergeant Harris (Medivac after wounded in Oh-6.  Last seen in 71st Evac, Pleiku).  SP4 Ray Notobartolo, Frank Keenan (Queens NY), Jim Hoffman, (RTO from PA), SP4 Buzzard, SP4 "Airborne" Henson (Fl, infused from 101st), SP4 Horrace Young. (Medivac after wounded in rocket attack at Poly Trang).  Back to camera is machine gunner SP4 Mercardo. The last man with his head showing I believe is Sergeant LaPoint.  He was sent to Hawaii when his brother arrived in country. (Ronald Deboer Photo)


1968.  Infantry "Blues", left to right, unknown, Al Alfread (Brooklyn NY, Medivac, wounded in rocket attack), Ronald Deboer, and Caudil (Detroit, I think).  (Ronald Deboer Photo)


1968.  LT. Casey, on left, and an unknown "Blue" prepare Pickup Zone (PZ) for the the platoon.   He kept the rest of our platoon in the tree line waiting for the "lift".  This photo taken by "Doc" Kilpatrick.  (Ronald Deboer Photo) 


1968.  This is our original dog, Bleakness, at Camp Bleakness. The crew chief with me was Medivac home after foot wound while flying a light bulb mission.  (Ronald Deboer Photo)


1968.  Ronald Deboer "training" his Montagnard troops.  May have been DakTo. (Ronald Deboer Photo)


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