A Troop - Scout Platoon - 1969

1969. The "Lucky Seven" 1969. The "Lucky Seven" Scout crew chiefs! Salute! Which one is Gary Luke (Coolhand)? From the left is Ben Nolette, Harry Gray, Gary Davis, unknown, unknown, Jim Kiewel, Jim Sindel and I took the picture. (Gary Luke Photo)

1969 Unknown, Gary Luke, Gary Davis, Jim Kiewal, Enderly   ?  ,
Gary Beirmann, Tom Sisson. (Gary Luke Photo)

1969. Pilots all unknown except for Capt Baer--far -right (Gary Luke Photo)

1969. Scout Crew Chief Gary Luke. One of the best! (Gary Luke Photo)

1969. Ben Nolette views another sapper-zap on a LOH. OK! Where's the test pilot when you need him? (Gary Luke Photo)

1969. This no way to treat a LOH. (Gary Luke Photo)

1969. Scouts on the go! (Mike McCarthy Photo)

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