Central Highlands 1968 - 1969

1969. Camping at An Khe. (Mike McCarthy Photo)

1969. Hong Kong Mountain at An Khe. (Mike McCarthy Photo)

1969. Kontum and sirstrip. (Mike McCarthy Photo)

Tet 68. Col Johnson assists in the removal of a 23mm manned by the NVA in the church steeple. By Stairs & Stripes. (Hank Johnson Photo)

1969. Army, Republic of Vietnam (ARVN) Camp on the road Southwest of Kontum. (Mike McCarthy Photo)

1969. A Montagnard village. Note the houses and food storage huts are built on poles about 10 feet off the ground. (Mike McCarthy Photo)

1969. Shopping downtown Pleiku City. (Mike McCarthy Photo)

1969, Pleiku is the main city in the Central Highlands. It is the crossroads of all the trails. (Mike McCarthy Photo)

1969. Pleiku is a wild small town. It is on the edge of the Vietnamese influence. (Mike McCarthy Photo)

1969. Pleiku has a good selection of most of the things you need. (Mike McCarthy Photo)

1969. Higher in the mountains and North of Pleiku is the small outpost of Polei Kleng. (Mike McCarthy Photo)

1969. A Special Forces Camp and airstrip. (Mike McCarthy Photo)

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