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Memorial Day Ceremony

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall

Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Washingotn. DC

1:00 PM

May 31, 1999

Sgt Henry Jackson

Sergeant Jackson was one of five people added to The Wall during this Memorial Day Ceremony.

Jackson is buried at Jackson Cemetery, Laurel Hill, near Pineville Kentucky. Delia Wilson, his sister, was an official guest of the ceremony.

On a visit to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall, Charlie Rayl discovered that Sergeant Henry Jackson's name is not listed. He knew Jackson, A Troop Scout Observer, died as results of May 1968 wounds in a VA Hospital in 1971. Charlie decided to correct this mistake. He contacted the office responsible for the memorial and located Jackson's sister. Charlie assisted her in obtaining and completing the required documentation. Approval was given last December to add Jackson's name to the memorial.