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"This page with the links and photos of today's Vietnam, reminds me that I can't spend all my time looking back. Vietnam is a country and no longer a war. I need to look forward, keep making plans, look for places where I can help make a difference, lend a helping hand to those much less fortunate."  Ernie Lamb, April 1999.










This photo came from my Vietnamese friend Van Tran. His family is Catholic,..... and who do they like to help? The people of their old country, people living away from the big cities, the ones without much opportunity for a better life, those with the most need. Try the Montagnard orphanage and school in Kontum! Here is the photo from the priest that they received in Dec 96. The caption on the back says....." 134 students total, 52 new ones this year." This is the same orphanage that is mentioned in the travel story link below, about travel to the central highlands. (Ernie Lamb Photo)


A panorama view of the Kontum valley. The post office in Kontun is at the base of the red and white tower in the center of the picture.








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