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Chapter 2: Unit Background

Chapter 3: Command and Control

Chapter 4: Unit Operations

Nov - Dec 1967

Jan - Feb 1968

Mar - Apr 1968

May - Jul 1968

Aug - Dec 1968

Chapter 5: Equipment and Installations

Chapter  6: Reflections

Map, Area of Operations



1LT R. V. LeVassiour Silver Star

CW2 D. C. Peters Distinguished Flying Cross

CW2 J. K. Smith Distinguished Flying Cross

SGT C. J. Vasizily Bronze Star with "V"

SSG W. R. Cospan Bronze Star with "V"

SGT L. J. Tyler Bronze Star with "V"


SP4 Dale S. Puishis was flying as an observer in an OH-6A on 22 Jan 1968. While taking five NVA soldiers under fire, killing three, his aircraft received intense automatic weapons fire at coordinates IA 072512. It crashed and burned on impact killing SP4 Puishis.

SP5 Joseph McCloyn was flying as a door gunner in an OH-6A on 24 February 1968. While covering A Troop’s ARP which was in contact with an unknown size enemy unit, his aircraft received heavy automatic weapons fire forcing it down at coordinates ZA 191759. On impact the aircraft caught fire killing SP5 McCloyn.

PFC John D. Beaver was wounded while the ARP was battling a company size unit on 8 March 1968, at coordinates YD 988042. PFC Beaver died before an aircraft could land to extract him from the battle.

CW2 Douglas W. Walker was flying a OH-6A on 18 May 1968. His aircraft received heavy automatic weapons fire. While returning the fire, his aircraft was shot down at coordinates ZB 827285, killing CW2 Walker.

WO1 Herbert W. Scott and SGT John T. O’Donnel were flying together in an OH-6A on 12 June 1968. The aircraft exploded in mid air and crashed into the jungle at coordinates YA 897740, killing both instantly.

WO1 Thomas C. Jacobs and WO1 Curtis L. Anderson were flying together in an OH-6A on 13 September 1968. Their aircraft received intense anti aircraft fire causing it to crash at coordinates YU 857810. Both Pilots died instantly.

SP4 Joe Tameyoza was flying as an observer on 2 November 1968, in an OH-6A. His aircraft received automatic weapons fire from coordinates OK 023094 killing SP4 Tameyoza.